Turning Rolls

Conventional turning rolls consist of two units: a set of motorized drive rolls and a set of idler support rolls. Once the workpiece is supported on the rolls, it can be safely and precisely rotated into the desired position. Turning rolls can be used to handle cylindrical structures for fitting, welding, assembly, cleaning, painting, and inspecting; or set up as fit-up bed or growing line modules.

Har-Bach Positioning provides sales, rentals, assembly, testing, installation, production commisioning, support, parts, and service for turning rolls ranging from 1 ton to 1,000 ton weight capacities and 115 mm to 10 m turning capacities. These units can be equipped with polyurethane or steel wheels depending on the job requirement and overall capacity. All units are skid mounted and pre-drilled for ease of adjustability. Drives can be synchronized in a master/slave configuration to cover almost any weight capacity.

Data Sheets (PDF)